Harvard School of Medicine’s Return on Investment Calculator

In 2017 we held 172 clinics, providing services to 1,206 individuals through 1,720 clinics visits. Of the 1,206 people, 131 were homeless.

We’re hoping that your donations will enable us to expand our medical van outreach to additional shelters, and to overall add more clinics so we can see more people. We’d also like to provide more assistance obtaining medications, and do even more case management – helping folks get to a dentist, for example.

Helping an individual learn about a chronic disease early on, and ensuring them a means for follow-up care, spares that person unneeded complications from the disease and helps improve their quality of life.

Preventive health screenings also spares the overburdened health care system costly treatment of complications of that disease when left untreated for many years.

Harvard School of Medicine has developed a Return on Investment (ROI) calculator that estimates the return to the health care system at large for every dollar a mobile health unit spends on preventive health screenings.

To learn more about the Harvard School of Medicine’s Return on Investment calculator, visit www.mobilehealthmap.org.