St. Luke’s started as the vision of The Reverend Ken Cooper. He was inspired by St. Anna’s Medical Ministry in New Orleans that provided urgently needed healthcare to the poor in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He saw the need for preventive health screenings and basic health care in the rural and urban communities of Northwest Louisiana. He purchased the van in 2007 and had it converted into a medical van. St. Luke’s began to offer services at the end of 2008. Due to Fr. Cooper’s untimely death in 2008, he was not able to see the full completion of his dream, but through St. Luke’s active and committed board of directors his vision continues.

Father Ken Cooper, his wife Martha Cooper and his daughters Claire Rebouche and Ellen Cooper.
Claire Rebouche and Ellen Cooper review dedication text.
The Right Reverend Gethin Hughes and Father Ken Cooper at the door of the van.